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*** Please read before purchasing ***


**At Check out please provide a note with the email you wish to use to access the video**


After payment has been transferred, you will be receiving 1 file:
- QR Code to enter our Facebook Group
- A PDF file with video link to YouTube. (Make sure you have access to YouTube in order to watch the videos)


The tutorial includes
1. How to make Banana Split candle.


You will not be receiving video files. All video links are in the PDF file. You will need to have access to YouTube in order to watch the videos. You will be also provided access to our Facebook group for help and problem solving. Any updates of the recipe will also be uploaded to the Facebook group.


Materials needed for this class:


Soy wax, Gel Wax, Fragrance oil, Candle colorant, Measuring Cup, Kitchen Scale, Disposable Auminum Tin, Candle Wicks, Candle Wick Stickers, Bananna Mold, Cherry Mold, Mixing Bowls, Spatuals, and Icecream Scooper. (Tissue for cleaning)

Banana Split Candle Tutorial

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