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We are an Atlanta owned business and our vision is to deliver Bang’N, creative, innovative, aromatic and aesthetically pleasing candles, soaps and skincare products while keeping all products eco friendly. Our candles, soaps, and body products make great gifts for your friends and family members, but don’t forget to treat yourself! At Bang’N Candles, we understand the love for art, food, and the finer things in life.  That's where we shine! We specialize in creating hyper realistic artisan food, drink, and dessert themed products for the art lovers and the real foodies. Whether it's a nice fun, moisturizing, luxurious bath, or a candle lit in your favorite room, we all deserve a bit of Bang’N self-care and indulgence. If you are looking for a calorie-free treat, then choose Bang’N Candles for the real foodies. 

~Chavonna (Bang) Rhodes

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