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9 oz Chicken Wing, Fries, and Dipping Sauce Wax Melt Bastket

100% Soy Wax/Gel Wax

Made in Atlanta

(Plate and Metal Sauce Holders not included. Set comes wrapped and packed in aluminum foil tray with paper board lid.)

4 Piece Wing Basket

PriceFrom $32.00
    • Remove all packaging before lighting.
    • Place on a protected, heat-resistant, dry surface, away from anything that can catch fire, and out of reach of children and pets. Use holders designed for the particular candle style.
    • Keep wick(s) trimmed to 1/4 inches at all times.
    • If smoking occurs, blow candle out. Trim wick(s), remove trimmings, and relight.
    • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches, or any combustible material. Keep the wick centered.
    • Avoid burning candles in drafts.
    • Never leave burning candles unattended. 
    • Teach everyone in the family the rules of safe candle use.
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